Canadian Proficiency Scout Badges Wants

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Canadian Scout Proficiency Wants List

ellipse, serge cloth, no words or scroll

22 mm metal with & without Stars


Metal Scroll

Printed Bound

Brass, 45mm

With & Without stars

King or

Felt "Boy Scouts"

Rank Badges


Silver winter scouting (no image)

1957-1968 Tan cloth, cut edge, "boy scouts"


Rescuer (57-61) R5f
1949-1951 Melton, "boy scouts"

Ambulanceman, Artist, Athlete, Auto Mechanic, Basketworker, Beekeeper, Blacksmith, Boatman, Bookbinder, Camp Cook, Camper, Canoeman, Citizen, Clerk, Cyclist, Coast Watchman, Dairyman, Electrician, Engineer, Entertainer, Farmer, Fireman, Forester, Gardener, Handyman, Healthyman, Horseman, Interpreter, Inland Fisherman, Journalist, Knotter, Laundryman, leatherworker, Marksman, Mason, Master-at-arms, Metalworker, Miner, Missioner, Musician, Naturalist, Pathfinder, Photographer, Pilot, Pioneer, Piper, Poultryman, Printer, Prospector, Public Health Man, Radioman, Reader, Rescuer, Rigger, Safetyman, Sea Fisherman, Signaler, Stalker, Starman, Stockman, Surveyor, Swimmer, Tailor, Tracker, Weatherman, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, King Scout.

1946 Embroidered on Twill


Need all but Tenderfoot.
1942-1945 Printed


Aero Engineer, Airman, Air Apprentice, Air Mechanic, Air Navigator, Angler (lure), Angler (fly), Archer, Athlete, Basket Worker, Bee Keeper, Blacksmith, Boat Builder, Boatman, Bookbinder, Canoe Man, Clerk, Coast Watchman, Dairyman, Debater, Dog Handler, Farmer, Forester, Hiker, Horseman, Journalist, Leather Worker, Mason, Master-at-Arms, Metalworker, Miner, Mountaineer, Musician, Naturalist, Photographer, Pilot, Pioneer, Piper, Plumber, Poultryman, Printer, Prospector, Public Health Man, Radio Man, Reader, Rescuer, Rigger, Rope Spinner, Safety Man, Sea Fisherman, Stamp Collector, Starman, Stockman, Surveyor, Tailor, Weatherman, Woodworker, Red Anchor, White Anchor, Gold Anchor

1935 -1950's Ribbon Bound

White backed: Air Apprentice, Air Mechanic, Air Navigator, Angler, Archer, Blacksmith, Coast Watchman, Dog Handler, Engineer, Explorer, Forest Conservationist, Forester, Hiker, Inland Fisherman, Journalist, Mountaineer, Rope Spinner, Soil Conservationist, Surveyor, Venturer, Water Conservationist, Wildlife Conservationist, Winter Scouting, Woodworker.
Black backed: Aero Engineer, Air Apprentice, Air Mechanic, Air Navigator, Airman (aircraft and propeller), Ambulance Man, Angler, Archer, Artist, Auto Mechanic, Bee Keeper, Bird Warden, Blacksmith, Boat Builder, Boatman, Camper (Teepee), Canoe Man, Debater, Engineer, Explorer, Farmer,Horseman, Inland Fisherman, Journalist, Miner, Mountaineer, Photographer, Piper, Prospector, Radio Man, Reader, Rope Spinner, Safety Man, Sea Fisherman, Signaller, Stockman, Surveyor, Tailor, Tracker, Venturer, Weatherman, Winter Scouting, Winter Sportsman (Skate and Ski).
Brown backed: Aero Engineer, Air Apprentice, Air Mechanic, Air Navigator, Airman (aircraft and propeller), Angler, Auto Mechanic, Boat Builder, Camper (Wall tent), Coast Watchman, Dairyman, Dog Handler, Explorer, Farmer, Forest Conservationist, Hiker, Horseman, Inland Fisherman, Knotter, Mason, Metalworker, Mountaineer, Piper, Plumber, Poultryman, Rigger, Rope Spinner, Sea Fisherman, Soil Conservationist, Stamp Collector, Venturer, Water Conservationist, Wildlife Conservationist, Winter Scouting, Winter Sportsman (Skate and Ski), Woodworker. King Scout Badge
1930-1935 Ribbon Unbound

Need all but Ambulence Man, Athlete, Camp Cook, Cyclist, Entertainer, Fireman, Healthyman, Horseman, Laundryman, Missioner, Musician, Naturalist, Pathfinder, Safetyman, Tenderfoot, First Class, Second Class
1927 Felt cloth, "Boy Scouts"

Need all but ambulanceman, basket worker, camp cook, carpenter, cyclist, fireman, handyman, healthy man, master-at-arms, missioner, pathfinder, public health man,

1910/11 Felt cloth, no words


Airman, Basket Worker, Bee keeper, Blacksmith, Boatman, Book Biner, Bugler, Camper (Wall Tent), Citizen, Coast Watchman, Entertainer,Friend to Animals, Hiker, Inland Fisherman, Journalist, Mason, Metal Worker, Miner, Pilot, Piper, Poultryman, Printer, Prospector, Rigger, Safetyman, Sea Fisherman, Signaller, Stalker, Starman, Stockman, Surveyor, Tailor, Telegraphist, Textile Worker, Weatherman.
1909 Serge Cloth Badges

Need all but Ambulance Man, Basket Worker
1908 Metal Badges
Need all

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Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

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